The introduction of timberland casual shoes

Published: 20th October 2010
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It is very important to choose an appropriate pair of shoes. Generally speaking, if you go to the seaside or go to visit the flat places of interest, you can wear movement sandals or casual shoes. If you leave for the mountain area, the main of climbing,field exploration,it best to choose big particles in the soles, strong traction, anti-skidding and wear-resisting shoes.

Leisure is the modern people to pursue a living condition. It is a special expression of modern culture in the modern life. It covers the living aspects, such as taking a walk, movement to keep fitness , travelling and going shopping. The concept, connotation and the function are related to the new living ideal and patterns. People make use of casual shoes models, brand to make up of themselves and to show themselves. They get a kind of esthetic joy and symbolic satisfaction. In the sight of usage, the casual shoes should possesses the utility and aesthetic function. The basic characteristic is comfortable, light and personality. Protective and functionality are the casual shoes to emphasize two principles. It is the combination of antique and fashion. In style it possesses the expansivity and filament line. Men's casual sneaker stress elegant and generosity. The model is concise and fluent. Women casual sneaker go in for comfortable, elegance and solemn.

Timberland earthkeepers jovana leather ox is a new casual shoes this year. The vamp is firm, durable and high quality polishing leather. 100% recycle PET decorative lining, and it shows woman's graceful style. Shoelace and the design of decorating shoe buckle show the fashion style. Green Rubber soles can provide good grip in any terrain surface. Timberland casual low cut maroon collocation, the mission is equip your life travel, and make outstanding in your world. It made up of 50% reproduct PET lining perspiring and it keeps the feet dry. Chukka casual shoes adopt fashion outline design and the low density sole are more comfortable and buffer the press in the relaxation. It has the unique antifatigue technology of the unique sole design. The sole materials are 42% adopting regeneration green rubber.

Not only the leather shoes need to maintain, the casual shoes need to maintain too. In order to keep its color and style for long time, increase of service time. The sport casual shoes need to be used special purpose. The category of shoes are not fit for drastic motion. Don't use the brush to wipe the vamp. Don't use the inferior shoe cream. Don't leave it in the water too often. Don't be under the brazing sun for quite a long time. Otherwise the shoes will deform and break.Maintain two pairs of casual shoes to alternative and the shoes can be rest in turn.

The cloth shoes can be spurted Waterproof and antifouling spray at regular time. Prevent the shoes to connect to chemicals and knife-edge. Timberland shoes vamp should be keep clean. Use the soft cotton cloth,dip in the water or detergent to slightly wipe. And the shoes should be air drying. If the vamp are affected with damp, the shoes should be put the cool and shade place. Avoid direct sunlight. For fear that bring about aging , deform and fading.

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